Custom Skateboards

Create your own personalized, custom skateboard deck! Put your child's name on their skateboard, a favorite drawing, images, logos, etc. These custom boards also make for great promotional products for businesses and events. The possibilities are endless to create your own affordable, personalized, super cool custom skateboard.

Our skateboards come in sizes appropriate for kids as young as 5 years old, up to full size 8.0 skateboards and Old School shapes. The right sized board means you are less likely to have injuries, and it's so much easier to learn when the board is correctly fitted to your body size.

Prices start at $54.95 for a custom deck, and discounts are available for multiple decks. A digital mock-up will be provided for your approval before we make the skateboard.

Fill out some basic contact info below, and we'll get back to you to start planning your new custom skateboard!

Custom Skateboard Contact Information