Who is Wood Rabbit MFG Anyways?

Why do our decks provide such SAFE, LONG LASTING fun?

Does Carter SB sponsor riders?

I wish I could have my own line of skate brand like Carter SB!

What sizes does your clothing come in?

Who is Carter?

Carter is the owner Scott's daughter! Scott was disappointed by the kids skateboards on the market. They were made from cheap materials and had a big sticker stuck to the bottom which can peel off and leave edges. He went to work making his daughter a deck, and then decided more kids and smaller riders might like having a high-quality deck too!


Who does your artwork?

Scott's good friend, Nick Beery designed all of the artwork you see on our decks. You'll notice a slight Pacific NW theme to the artwork (Rabbitzilla eating Seattle, Space Squatch, etc). The artwork was designed exclusively for Carter SB. Nick is super talented, and an all around awesome dude. We are happy to display his work so beautifully! Check Nick's other work out here

Why does my kid need a smaller skateboard?

A smaller deck makes it easier to balance and steer. You wouldn’t teach your kids to ride a bike using your old bicycle, right? Same idea with a skateboard. Using a deck sized for adults means your kid is going to try and control a huge, heavy skateboard vs. one fitted proportionally to their smaller frame and weight.

Who is Wood Rabbit MFG Anyways?

From the vision and passion of Scott Mesic, a professional engineer, skilled woodworker and lifelong skater, Wood Rabbit MFG is a manufacturer of high quality skateboard decks!  We build smaller-sized decks awesome for kids, girls, or smaller riders.  We don’t neglect the average rider though – we make rad standard size decks too.

We are a high-end pro quality skateboard deck manufacturer, using high quality materials and technologically advanced machinery to produce a strong and uniform product.


Why do our decks provide such SAFE, LONG LASTING fun??

Our focus is towards building the highest quality decks – ensuring long lasting decks that maintain pop.  By using the right materials, equipment, manufacturing process and rigorous quality testing, we ensure only the highest quality decks leave our warehouse.

We have spent years developing finishes, testing artwork applications, testing deck quality, and so much more. A lot of skateboard manufacturers, especially for kids decks, use cheap wood, glue, and finishes assuming that kids wont be rough on their decks. The picture shown here has an industry standard finished deck on the left, and the deck on the right is our new TOP SECRET, awesome finish. They were tested by the same 5 year old skater. Kids are shredding sooner and sooner these days, they need a deck that can hold up! That's where we come in. 


We aren't currently looking for any more team skaters, however if you'd like to be considered in the future, follow us on social media and we'll let you know when we are looking again.


I wish I could have my own skate brand like Carter SB!!

You are in luck.  Wood Rabbit MFG can manufacture your private label brand from a one-off design to a full production run.  We have developed a unique process for printing graphics on the decks that makes printing one deck the same unit price as hundreds.  We also have standard moulds and shapes that can be used; for additional cost, we can develop and machine custom deck shapes and sizes – your imagination is the limit on this one.  Wood Rabbit MFG  can provide appropriately sized hardware (trucks, wheels, bearings, tape, etc.) to finish off your private label deck.  We machine the moulds, press the decks, apply the graphics, and finish the decks in our Everett shop.  We can also custom vacuum infuse dye into the veneer to give the board a little extra color.  Contact us with your project and we can work out pricing. 

What sizes does your clothing come in?

Our clothes come in a variety of sizes for Men, Women, and Kids. Check out our Sizing Guide for specific information on measurements.

If you still have questions, please visit our Contact Us page.