Kids Skateboard Gift Guide for Present Ideas

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Why Do I Need A Smaller Skateboard?


When a younger kid is ready to start skateboarding, providing them with a small deck can make it safer and simpler to learn. A smaller deck is easier for them to steer since they aren’t trying to move an adult-sized skateboard. You wouldn’t teach a child to ride a bike with an adult’s bike, right?

The smaller skateboards are also fun for adults because they can easily be thrown in a bag and are a great alternative to penny boards.

Skateboard Gifts for Kids and Beginners

What Size Skateboard Do I Need?

Beginner Skateboard Gift Ideas


Our skateboards come in various sizes including an XS which is perfect for beginner skateboarders around 5 years old. We also have a S skateboard which is great for kids ages 6, 7, 8, & 9 years old. After about 9 years old you can select either a 7.5 for more petite riders, and 8.0 for larger riders.

Having the correct size deck makes for the perfect gift this holiday season!

But Isn't Skateboarding Dangerous?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Skateboarding averages 20 injuries per 1,000 participants. Basketball comes in at a whopping 224 injuries per 1,000 participants!

Having the correct safety gear (pads & helmets) greatly reduces the risks of injuries. Also lessons at the local skatepark will help your child "learn to fall" the right way so they don't injure themselves. 

Sports come with the risk of injury, and that is unavoidable. Short of wrapping our kids in bubble wrap and sticking them in front of a screen, there is no activity that will keep them 100% safe, all of the time. Skateboarding is an awesome way for kids to stay active, parents to spend time with their kids, and to teach them about getting back up after they fall down!

Kid Skateboards for Gifts and Presents

What Makes Carter SB Different?

Skateboards made in USA for gifts

1. High-Quality Decks: Made right here in the USA, we use 7-Ply Canadian Maple. Our skateboards are built to last and take some shredding!

2. Stain Not Stickers: Most skateboards (especially kids skateboards) get a layer of plastic applied to the deck which easily rips off and leaves edges. Our decks are stained which means the finish is more durable, and there's no risk of ripping.

3. Super Durable Graphics: We have done extensive testing and research to create a finishing process that is unmatched in durability. Our graphics are applied using a TOP SECRET method, and our decks are finished with a few layers of clear polyurethane. This method leaves them ready to stand up to the toughest treatment.

4. The Right Size Deck: A smaller deck makes controlling and steering the board much easier. Using an adult size deck is like asking your kid to learn to ride a bike on YOUR bike!

Skateboards for Kids and Beginners

Skateboards for Kids

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Gift Ideas for Kids

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Customer Testimonials

“Our son skateboards an average of 30-40 hours a week. We usually go through decks fast due to chipping and overall wear – he abuses his boards. Carter SB decks have been a gift to skateboarding! No more chipping and the finish preserves the artwork like I’ve never seen! I will be a Carter SB customer for life since the board sizes grow with your child all the way up to an 8.5! Truly a great value and solid craftsmanship!”

Priscilla York (Bryson’s Mom - @brysonyorkskateboarding)

“With so many brands out there to choose from, Carter SB got our eyes because of the beautiful colors and sweet graphics. After trying the decks, my kids are more than happy with the durability and how light the boards are!”

Camila McManus (Kevin and Dylan’s Mom - @surfsk8groms)

“I am absolutely loving my Carter SB deck! I can be pretty rough on my boards and my Carter SB deck is really durable. The graphics are awesome and the stain colors are pretty awesome too! So many options to choose from and you can even have a custom deck made! Every skateboarder needs to get a Carter SB deck!”

Jamison Toner, age 7 - @jamisonskates

@cartersk8boards on Instagram