Skateboard Assembly Instructions & Troubleshooting

Grip Tape
Installing Hardware
Overall Care

Grip Tape

Applying Grip Tape:

  1. Find a clear, flat area to assemble your skateboard. Make sure there isn’t anything on the surface that could scratch the bottom of your deck. We like to throw a blanket or cloth over the surface area where we’ll be assembling the board.
  2. Remove the plastic sheet off of the back of the grip tape. It’s sort of like a giant sticker. Place aside for use later.
  3. Place the grip tape over the top of the board, ensuring it covers all areas completely.
  4. Using the plastic sheet you removed from the grip tape earlier, press down on the grip tape so it’s firmly attached to the skateboard in all areas.
  5. If there are any bubbles, use a needle to pop them and stick the grip tape down in that area.

Removing Excess Grip Tape:

  1. With a metal file, scrape an outline around the lip of the board. This will create a sort of line in the grip tape, but won’t cut it.
  2. Using a razor blade, cut along the outline, resting the razor blade on the side of the board for a clean line.
  3. Once the excess grip tape has been removed, use the file to smooth out the edges.

Poking the Bolt Holes:

  1. Going in through the top of the board (not the side with the graphics), insert a screw driver into each bolt hole, pushing it through the grip tape.


Note: Don’t push the holes in through the bottom of the board (with the graphics) as the grip tape may crack.


Installing Hardware

Install the Trucks:

  1. With the board laying on its top (grip tape side down), align the trucks with the 4 bolt holes. (Make sure that the kingpins on both trucks, the portion of your trucks with the large nut and rubber bushings, are facing each other. Otherwise, your board won’t ride properly.)
  2. From the other side, push the bolt through the hole, and screw the nut on with your fingers.
  3. Repeat with the other bolts.
  4. Once all are installed, use the included skate tool to tighten.


Installing Bearings:

  1. Each wheel gets 2 bearings.
  2. Place a bearing into each side of the skateboard wheel.
  3. Using your thumbs, press each bearing firmly into the wheel.
  4. To secure bearings into the wheel, place them on the trucks and press evenly on each side until the bearings are flush with the sides of the wheels.

Installing the Wheels onto the Truck:

  1. First, place a washer onto the axle of each truck.
  2. Next, place the wheels onto the truck, followed by another washer.
  3. Use your fingers to tighten the nut on each axle.
  4. Finally, using the included Skate Tool, tighten the axle bolt onto the truck. Make sure you do not overtighten the bolt as it will make the wheel roll poorly. If the spinning of the wheels is affected in any way, you need to loosen the bolt.

Adjusting Trucks:

  1. Use the included skate tool to tighten/loosen the kingpin bolt (large bolt on bottom with the rubber washer). Play around with the tightness of this bolt until your board feels right. Only you can decide how tight/loose this should be.
  2. A beginner skateboarder may benefit from tighter trucks until they are more comfortable balancing. Once they are ready, you can slowly start loosening the trucks to get more turn out of them. Smaller skateboarders may benefit from a looser truck so it’s easier to turn the board.

Overall Care

  • Skateboards are meant to get dinged up and dirty. Avoid getting your skateboard wet and avoid exposing it to extreme temperature changes. For example, keeping your board in the trunk of your car on a hot summer day may cause warping to the wood.
  • Skateboard decks are meant to be used, enjoyed, and replaced. Your skateboard hardware and wheels can last for years, however the deck should be replaced if it starts to become dangerous to ride on.


Problem: My board won’t turn / It’s difficult to turn!

Solution: Using the T-Tool, adjust the tightness of the trucks. The trucks control how easy/hard it is to turn your board. Play with this tightness until you get the control you want. It’s a personal preference!


Problem: My grip tape has a bubble in it!

Solution: Use a needle or the edge of a razorblade to poke a small hole in the bubble and stick the grip tape down in the area.


Problem: My wheels won’t turn!

Solution: The wheels are attached to the axle with axle nuts. If these get over tightened the wheels will be difficult to spin. Use the T-Tool to loosen the nut until the wheel spins freely. The nut should be tightened only as far as it can without interfering with the spin of the wheels.


Problem: One wheel isn’t turning!

Solution: If you’ve already checked the axle nut for proper tightness, it might be time to replace your bearings. If one bearing goes, it’s best to replace them all. Unlubricated/Dirty bearings can lock up when using them, causing the skateboard to suddenly stop, and for you to go flying. Best to keep these in tip-top shape by replacing them at the first sign of it not spinning properly.


Problem: My wheel makes noise when it spins!

Solution: Time for new bearings! Even if it’s just one wheel making noise, you should replace all of your bearings at the same time. Squeaking wheels means your bearing is dirty/damaged and if left, can cause the wheel to lock up while riding it. Dangerous!


Problem: My grip tape is dirty!

Solution: Yay! That means you are loving your new skateboard and are using it all the time. Dirty grip tape is easily fixed with a slightly wet toothbrush and some elbow grease. Loosen the stain with the toothbrush, and dab dry with a towel. Your local skate shop may carry cleaners for grip tape as well if the stain is a little more stubborn.


Problem: I need new grip tape!

Solution: While it is possible to re-grip a skateboard deck, it is not fun by any means. You can peel the grip tape back using your hands, and a razor blade as you go. A hairdryer may also help the process by loosening the glue, however this makes it a bit messy. Once the old grip tape has been removed, do your best to get all of the residue/debris off the top of the board before applying new grip tape.


If you have any problems with your cool new Carter SB skateboard, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 1-844-W-Rabbit.