Skateboards for Beginners!

Easier to steer, easier to control, easier to learn! Beginner Skateboards for Kids!

The Right Sized Deck – Easier to learn!

When a younger kid is ready to start skateboarding, providing them with a small deck can make it safer and simpler to learn. A smaller deck is easier for them to steer since they aren’t trying to move an adult-sized skateboard. You wouldn’t teach a child to ride a bike with an adult’s bike, right? The smaller skateboards are also fun for adults because they can easily be thrown in a bag and are a great alternative to penny boards.

Skateboards for Kids! Smaller skateboard decks for kids.

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Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids
Beginner Skateboards for Kids

Beginner Skateboards for Kids

$ 124.95
Riding the right size skateboard will help beginner skateboarders learn faster, and stay safer. Smaller skateboards are easier for kids to control and steer.

Our decks are made in the USA with 7-Ply Canadian Maple. Just because this is a beginner skateboard doesn't mean you'll lose quality. These are pro-level decks, with super durable graphics and finishes.
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Multiple Sizes Available

Our smallest deck, an XS, is perfect for beginners around 5 years old. S is for 6-9 years old, and the sizes go up from there to an 8.0. Just because it's a kids deck doesn't mean you'll lose quality though! 

Made in the USA

We use 7 sheets of high-quality Canadian maple, glued and pressed. Our boards are then cut to shape, routed, and hand sanded 3 different ways. Carter SB boards are stained so you can still see the wood grain. So cool!

Stain Not Stickers

We apply graphics (using a TOP SECRET method), that make them extremely durable. They even hold up to the key-scratch test! Most boards get a sheet of plastic shrink-wrapped over unfinished wood that comes off easily when scratched.

We are a family-run company!

When Scott Mesic became a dad, he never had any doubt that he’d get his daughter into skating. Skateboarding is still a huge part of his life, and he was sure that his daughter was going to love it too.

He set out to find a cool skateboard like he had as a kid. Solidly built, old school designs, but sized for his young daughter. He was disappointed by the options out there. They were all plastic, cheaply made, or covered in ugly designs.

Scott wanted parents to be able to share their love of skateboarding with their kids. His background is in woodworking and engineering, so he set out to make the perfect skateboards for kids and adults. Named after his daughter, Carter SB was born!

Scott makes the decks, his wife Carol does the books, and Carter has final approval on designs. A truly family-run company!

Proof is in the pudding! - Customer Testimonials

“Our son skateboards an average of 30-40 hours a week. We usually go through decks fast due to chipping and overall wear – he abuses his boards. Carter SB decks have been a gift to skateboarding! No more chipping and the finish preserves the artwork like I’ve never seen! I will be a Carter SB customer for life since the board sizes grow with your child all the way up to an 8.5! Truly a great value and solid craftsmanship!” - Priscilla York (Bryson’s Mom - @brysonyorkskateboarding)

Bryson York - Young kid skater with smaller kids skateboards.
Dylan and Kevin McManus - Kid Skateboarders

“With so many brands out there to choose from, Carter SB got our eyes because of the beautiful colors and sweet graphics. After trying the decks, my kids are more than happy with the durability and how light the boards are!” CaMila McManus (Kevin and Dylan’s Mom - @surfsk8groms)

“I am absolutely loving my Carter SB deck! I can be pretty rough on my boards and my Carter SB deck is really durable. The graphics are awesome and the stain colors are pretty awesome too! So many options to choose from and you can even have a custom deck made! Every skateboarder needs to get a Carter SB deck!” Jamison Toner, age 7 - @jamisonskates

Jamison Toner - Small skateboard for kid riders.
Carter SB | Skateboards for Kids and Smaller Riders


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